Famous Bands from Swindon

Get to know bands and artists originating from Swindon.

Here at Guitar Lessons Swindon, we are passionate about inspiring our guitar students with stories of musicians that have started in Swindon and gone onto fantastic music careers.

Indeed, we have a lot to be proud of with progressive rock band XTC who took the UK and North America by storm in the 80s and Billie Piper who, prior to her role in Dr Who, gained three number one singles and two UK top twenty albums. To inspire you at home as well here is a short bio about some of Swindon's most successful musicians.

XTC started here in Swindon in 1977, gaining an international cult following after major critical acclaim. Although this critical acclaim did not always transfer into commercial success the band did notch up several international hits including their 1979 Canadian hit Making Plans for Nigel and their 1982 Senses Working Overtime single. They also managed to reach number 5 in the UK albums chart in 1982 with their English Settlement album. XTC's singing/guitarist Andy Partridge has made a major mark on the rock world, influencing the likes of John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band wound up in 2005 but remain Swindon's most successful rock band.

Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues was born in Swindon in the 1940s and attended The Commonweal School where at 15 he bought his first guitar. Covering many a Buddy Holly song Hayward quickly built up a reputation on the local Swindon music scene for being a truly fantastic guitarist and singer. Responding to an ad in the Melody Maker in Hayward successfully applied to become the guitarist of the band The Moody Blues in 1966. With Hayward on board, the band became a huge commercial success, with tracks like Nights in White Satin selling over two million copies, a track is taken from one of six top 5 albums the band notched up in the 60s and 70s. Having sold over 60 million albums worldwide Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues is certainly Swindon's most successful guitarist - check out the timeless classic Nights in White Satin on YouTube to see why.

Billie Piper who is perhaps most famous as Dr Who's companion between 2005 - 2006 also holds the record as the youngest artist to reach number one in the UK singles charts. At just 15 she released her debut single Because We Want To. Born in Swindon in 1982, her musical success was short-lived, yet she continued to remain in the public eye marrying Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans (16 years her elder), before moving into a more well-known acting career that she carries on to this day.

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