Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Swindon

Find a local studio to record your music.

Here at Guitar Lessons Swindon, we are never more proud than one of our guitar students enters the recording studio for the first time.

It is a fantastic experience that all guitarists should aim for, whether it is recording a few demo covers or your first EP it is a must do. We are often asked by local musicians which local recording studios they should check out, well to help answer that questions we have drawn together a list of what we consider to be the best recording studios Swindon has to offer.

Create Studios

Create Studios is a pretty amazing community project based group based here in Swindon. Offering way more than simply recording facilities and expertise Create Studios looks to encourage young people across the board, from creating apps to designing website. However, they also have plenty of experience helping young musicians develop their musical talents and kick start their career. Check out the website below to find out more.

Western Audio Recording and Rehearsal

Western Audio Recording and Rehearsal studios is Located an hour from both London and Bristol, Western Audio has a 720 sq ft live room with 24' ceilings and an acoustic that can be tailored to the individual session - big reverb for huge drums or lush strings, tight and controlled for vocals and overdubs. The control room has been custom-designed to create a flat and even response and features world-class monitoring, preamps, EQ and conversion. They have very competitive rates and you can find them at Unit 12, Axis Business Park, Swindon SN5 7YS.

Industry Studios

Located at 58 Eastcott Hill, Swindon SN1 3JB, Industry studios is based in Swindon & is run by a team of experienced sound engineers and producers led by Phil Legende. Since the original Drive Studios started in 1986, they have worked and recorded with many well known Artists including Swindon's own rock giants XTC, Norman Wisdom, John Otway and James Warren from the Corgis. They offer high quality service at affordable rates for all.

JJLV Productions

JJLV Productions is a studio run by experienced engineer is Juanjo Lopez Vidal. He is a engineer, producer and musician based in Wiltshire UK. His mission is to provide an affordable solution to your project, being it music, a voiceover or sound design. Juanjo is a seasoned engineer who will understand your music, respect your ideas, and give you the freedom to focus on your performance and in getting the music right. The studio is a professional facility with world-standard monitoring systems, microphones, acoustic piano and all the things you may need to make your music happen. The Studio is located at 60 Pinehurst Rd, Swindon SN2 1RJ.

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