Guitar Setups and Repairs Swindon

Here at Guitar Lessons Swindon I often get asked to help change the strings of my student's guitar or adjust the action to lower the strings.

In fact, I get asked so often I have now opened up my guitar maintenance services to guitarists throughout Swindon and beyond should you need help in a range of guitar setup and repair related problems.

I am a professional who really cares about making guitars sound great (as well as charging very reasonable prices). I am able to fix a whole range of common guitar problems as well as performing standard maintenance for all your guitar needs.

My services include:

General Electric, Acoustic & Bass guitar setup


Truss Rod Adjustment

Action Adjustment


Deep Cleaning

Acoustic Guitar Strings Lowered

As well as many more!

To find out more about my guitar repair and maintenance services or to book a free consultation simply email Frank at


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